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udds->myConfigId ( property )

Description :

  • Class element : property
  • Type : string
This property allows you to login to a UDDS API server. This property is always combined with udds->myLogin. This property must be set at all times during use of the udds class. The customer can define multiple configurations (i.e. UDDS server operation modes). Each of the configurations has an assigned udds->myConfigId. The server will return data depending on myConfigId selected by the customer. Diffrent myConfigId values allow to limit scope of search only to e.g. winter or exotic offers. It's also possible to define various data sources on server configuration side depending on myConfigId.
In order to obtain a new myConfigId contact KSI Media ( www.turserwis.pl ).

KSI Media ( www.ksimedia.pl ) - technical contact : maciej.szczepanski@ksimedia.pl